Kirei out now!

A serial killer is stalking the streets. Who is this mysterious woman in the trench coat and face mask, and what does she really want? Available in ebook, paperback, or read for free with Kindle Unlimited and find out now.

This is the only podcast of it’s kind that I have found. I love Japanese horror and this podcast delivers.  Tara does a wonderful job telling the stories and a brilliant job using sound effects and music for atmosphere. I’ve been binge listening for the last few weeks. I’m going to have to buy the books now to satisfy my horror fix now while waiting for more episodes.

Great podcast!

Tara cares for her readers as much as her detail to each story! Whether it be a traumatic experience, anxiety, a test of courage or even a fear of the unknown each story beckons the reader to reflect on their feelings and become drawn into the story that much further. If you are looking for your next favorite horror author look no more! Tara A. Devlin is here!

Fans of horror rejoice!