Freaky Friday Horror Prompts #001

Each fortnight I’ll be posting a series of prompts for stories that I’d like to see but not had the time to write myself. If you take any of these ideas and create a story out of them, please feel free to post the link in the comments below! I’ll promote my favourite stories in the next edition of Freaky Friday Horror Prompts.

Prompts #001

  • An artifact that, once removed from its original location, causes widespread devastation until returned.
  • A TV mysteriously turns on at the same time every night, playing nothing but white noise. But one night, a voice comes out instead.
  • A woman receives a strange note in her mailbox with only a single sentence on it: “You need to get out.” She throws it away. The next day there’s another note: “It’s coming.”
  • A college student takes the same stairs to class every day, counting thirteen steps. One day, he only counts twelve.
  • A young couple discovers the remains of a wall with a single window in the woods. What they see when they look through the window shocks them.

That’s all for this week! Send me your amazing stories so I can promote them in the next Freaky Friday Horror Prompts!

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