Freaky Friday Horror Prompts #002

Each fortnight I’ll be posting a series of prompts for stories that I’d like to see but not had the time to write myself. If you take any of these ideas and create a story out of them, please feel free to post the link in the comments below! I’ll promote my favourite stories in the next edition of Freaky Friday Horror Prompts.

Prompts #002

  • A photo on the computer that changes slightly each time the owner looks at it.
  • A group of friends find an abandoned medical facility with a single computer that has been left on. The last message left on it by the owner says…
  • A man wakes up and reads the newspaper with breakfast. It says “Armageddon is here!” He looks outside. All is calm, until suddenly…
  • A young woman wakes up inside a small room. There’s a single door and a grated drain running through the back. She calls out through it and hears a faint voice return. She’s not the only one here. But why?
  • A woman falls asleep on a plane. When she wakes up, she finds the plane has landed and everyone departed. She exits to find the airport is empty as well. She soon realises this isn’t her destination, but more than that, where is everyone?

That’s all for this week! Send me your amazing stories so I can promote them in the next Freaky Friday Horror Prompts!

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