Freaky Friday Horror Prompts #003

Each fortnight I’ll be posting a series of prompts for stories that I’d like to see but not had the time to write myself. If you take any of these ideas and create a story out of them, please feel free to post the link in the comments below! I’ll promote my favourite stories in the next edition of Freaky Friday Horror Prompts.

Prompts #003

  • A man wakes up and discovers he can read minds, but he might not like what he sees. Someone at work wants him dead, but he can’t figure out who the thoughts are coming from.
  • A leisure cruise goes bad. A couple step out of their room only to find the ship empty and rusted, while a dark storm looms on the horizon.
  • One abandoned building. Ten people. A battle royale where the survivor gets a $10 million prize. But they’re not alone. There’s an eleventh figure in the building, someone not on the official guest list. Who are they, and what do they want?
  • His family gone and life falling apart, a company man riddled with debt and little else to live for receives an offer he can’t refuse; a brand new start with whatever he wants, no matter the cost. The price? He must act as his CEO’s personal assistant for 24 hours. Whatever he wants done, he must do it, and quickly. He soon finds out his CEO is a very dark man…
  • A teenager finds a the blog of a disturbed individual deep in the hidden parts of the internet. It contains several posts from future dates detailing gruesome events, and the events soon come to pass. He checks in one morning to find a new post, timestamped three days from now. There’s been a new victim, but the only clue given to the individual’s identity is a single name; it’s a last name. His last name.

That’s all for this week! Send me your amazing stories so I can promote them in the next Freaky Friday Horror Prompts!

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