Freaky Friday Horror Prompts #004

Each fortnight I’ll be posting a series of prompts for stories that I’d like to see but not had the time to write myself. If you take any of these ideas and create a story out of them, please feel free to post the link in the comments below! I’ll promote my favourite stories in the next edition of Freaky Friday Horror Prompts.

Prompts #004

  • A phone call from the hospital informs you that your brother is there, and he’s in a critical condition. You need to come and see him right away. But you don’t have a brother…
  • Twenty years ago your baby sister went missing while you were out shopping with your family. Now, twenty years later, you find her in the same mall she went missing in… only she hasn’t aged a single day.
  • You have memories of a sibling no-one else seems to remember. Not your parents, your friends, you can’t find any physical trace of them either. But the memories are real, aren’t they?
  • Three years ago, on this night, your sibling was brutally murdered. Tonight you get a phone call. It’s their voice, and they’re telling you to get out of the house.
  • When you were a child, your parents came home with a new baby. But your mother wasn’t pregnant. Now that you’re older, you’ve noticed more and more strange things happening around the house. You’re about to move out for college, but before you do, there’s something your mother needs to tell you.

That’s all for this week! Send me your amazing stories so I can promote them in the next Freaky Friday Horror Prompts!

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