Entwined now on sale!

Three lives.

One night.

What does fate hold in store for them?

Entwined is the tale of three souls, damaged by a single incident ten years earlier. Tortured, broken and alone, they try to take revenge against the demons who took everything from them. The Black Scourge, a young mother left for dead, now infused with the magic meant to destroy her. The One-Armed Merc, a broken father driven to the brink of insanity who doesn’t know if the ghosts that haunt him are real or not. Finally, the Apprentice, torn from his family as a boy and raised to become the successor of the most terrifying demon the land has ever known; the Silver Knight. Yet the demons aren’t the only things that haunt them in the night. What really lurks in the shadows, pressing on their fragile psyches?

How will their lives intersect? And will they all make it out alive?

Entwined is a dark horror fantasy that will make you question fate versus choice, and the events that make us who we are.

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