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Kaidanshi is our monthly Japanese horror magazine! Full of exclusive creepypastas you won’t find anywhere else, as well as information on ghost spots, urban legends, bizarre crimes, lore, yokai, fiction from Western authors based on Japanese horror and much more! Each issue comes out on the fourth of each month, and you can grab it for just $1 over at our Patreon.

If you’re not sure what to expect from it, you can download issue zero for free right this very second!

Inside this issue:

Creepypasta: The nest builder
Creepypasta: The strange custom of the village deep in the mountains
Creepypasta: Why they close the school gates
Edo Creepypasta: Kinya and Ginya
Lore: Jizo statues
Yokai: Hata Onryo
Ghost Spot: Ookunoshima
Baffling Crime: The Haga Futon Bag Murder

PLUS: Samples from Kowabana Vol. 1-3, Toshiden, and a sneak peak at the upcoming Sengoku-based fantasy series Tale of Yashima.


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