Excerpt from upcoming novel!

The following is an excerpt from an horror upcoming novel. What’s it about? Well, that’s still a secret, so try to guess :p The passage is entirely unedited, straight from my stream of consciousness to the page. So, enjoy this sneak peak behind the veil, if you will, before my and several other editing hands touch it 😉

– – –

“The glass slipped from my hand.

It was there. The shadow was right there, in the corner of the room. It was stuck to the walls like a fly. Not moving. Not doing anything. It was just there. Watching Aya on my bed. It turned to me as the glass shattered and sprayed my feet with water. I couldn’t say a word. I couldn’t move. I was bolted to the ground and my entire body screamed that it wanted to escape, but I couldn’t comply.

“W-who are you?” My voice trembled. My hand was still holding the air where the glass once was. I tightened the fist, unable to even blink. If I blinked, the shadow might disappear. Or worse, still be there, maybe this time even closer.

Aya continued mumbling, but there were more sounds I could recognise as words. “No.” “Stop.” “Please don’t.” “Why.” Was she talking to it? Or was she in a nightmare she couldn’t escape? A nightmare brought on by the darkness lurking in the corner of the room.

A priest. I need a Shinto priest. Cover the room in talismans. Salt the earth. It would be fine. They dealt with this type of thing all the time. Unless it was a person. Then we could just call the police. We could call the police if the thing didn’t murder us first.

“What do you want?” I brought my arm down by my side. It turned to look at Aya again. “You stay away from her!” I grabbed the nearest thing I could find. A book on how the pyramids of ancient Egypt were built. I threw it at the darkness and it tumbled to the floor. Did it hit it? Or did it hit the wall? I couldn’t tell. It was too dark.

“Get out!” I grabbed a cushion and threw it. “Get out my house! Leave her alone!” I grabbed whatever I could get my hands on and hurled them at the corner of the room. It was impossible to tell if I was hitting anything. But it was enough to free myself from the fear that had locked my body in place and I ran for the bed. I grabbed Aya and started shaking her again.”

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