Life is chaos. Death is the only cure.

Good news, everyone! I have a story in an upcoming anthology set in hospitals and asylums! Who doesn’t love those? Release is set for November 4, but if you pre-order the book before then you can grab it for just 99 cents. The price returns to full after that, so grab it for cheap now while you can!

Pre-order for just 99 cents right now!

You’re never so vulnerable as when you surrender your body to a hospital.

You trust the doctors to know what is best, but these stories show what happens when they have other plans.

What if a maternity doctor pretends your child died during birth just so he can steal it? Or a simple operation is used as an excuse to harvest parts? Discover the truth of the asylum in the woods, take the pills which induce mind-bending phobias, and try to escape when you’ve been institutionalized against your will.

A CURE FOR CHAOS is an anthology of horror stories from 30 authors, each with a unique way to thrill and terrify you. From stalking supernatural monsters to the psychopaths hiding in plain sight, these quick reads are perfect for adding excitement to your daily life.

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