Here you’ll find what books I’ve released or are coming soon!

Midnight Shadows

A race where anything goes, and the winner gets the prize of their dreams. A text-based computer game that may not be what it seems. A corrupt town on the verge of retribution. Ancient Chinese monsters on the hunt for revenge. A song that reveals the secrets of the universe. Creatures that hide in the shadows until it’s too late. Cursed technology. Supernatural beasts and evil men and women. In Midnight Shadows, a horror anthology by author Tara A. Devlin, you’ll find all sorts of terrors to keep you up long into the night.

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The Ultimate Race

A race where anything goes. A loved one’s life on the line.

How far would you go to save the one closest to you? Could you take another person’s life? It’s kill or be killed in this epic tale that sees Max, a young man with a terminally ill mother, forced into the race of his life. If he wins, he can get his mother a new heart and save her life. But he’s not the only one running towards the prize of his dreams, and in this race where anything goes, he might not even make it to the end alive.

Do you have what it takes to win the ultimate race?

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Three lives. One night. What does fate hold in store for them?

Entwined is the tale of three souls, damaged by a single incident ten years earlier. Tortured, broken and alone, they try to take revenge against the demons who took everything from them. The Black Scourge, a young mother left for dead, now infused with the magic meant to destroy her. The One-Armed Merc, a broken father driven to the brink of insanity who doesn’t know if the ghosts that haunt him are real or not. Finally, the Apprentice, torn from his family as a boy and raised to become the successor of the most terrifying demon the land has ever known; the Silver Knight. Yet the demons aren’t the only things that haunt them in the night. What really lurks in the shadows, pressing on their fragile psyches? How will their lives intersect? And will they all make it out alive?

Entwined is a dark horror fantasy that will make you question fate versus choice, and the events that make us who we are.

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Kowabana: ‘True’ Japanese scary stories from around the internet Vol. 1

The first collection of translations from Collected into themes you’ll find various ‘true’ scary stories from Japan ranging from your typical creepy ghost with long hair to toilet adventures, school mishaps, creepy countryside folk and more. This volume will feature stories translated exclusively for this book, so don’t miss out!

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Kowabana: ‘True’ Japanese scary stories from around the internet Vol. 2

The next volume in the Kowabana series is on its way! Even more scary Japanese stories and creepy urban legends to keep you up at night. This volume will feature a lot more exclusive stories that you won’t find on the website. From famous spirits such as Hasshaku-sama and Sukima-onna, to smaller tales of murderous mediums, cursed technology and much more. This volume builds on the first with a whole new slew of terrifying tales! Coming soon.

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Kowabana: ‘True’ Japanese scary stories from around the internet Vol. 3

Who, or what, is Kankandara, and why is it hidden deep inside the forest in an off-limits area? Why are people dreaming of a teenage girl called Kanako-san and then disappearing shortly thereafter? How are a third-grade class going to defeat the spirit determined to kill them all before they graduate? Where is the mysterious Kisaragi Station, a station that exists on no map? In Kowabana Vol. 3 you’ll find 81 carefully selected and translated tales from the people who know Japanese horror best; those who lived through it.

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Love, Death, and Other Inconveniences: Horror Stories of Love and Loss

There can be no light without darkness, pleasure without pain, or love without loss. Masters of supernatural and psychological horror have teamed up to create this macabre collection of 32 horror stories about love. Jealous murders, monstrous doppelgangers, heart-rending romances, devils and angels, cannibals and virtual worlds — over 350 pages of your most desperate longings and worst nightmares all rolled into one. Shocking twists and absolute mind-fuckery will thrill and terrify you to the last page! Features my horror short The Last Room of the Cave.

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