THE TREES HAVE EYES: Horror stories from the forest

If someone screams in the forest and no one is around, will they regret ever making a sound?

Stepping into the forest, you’re surrounded by the natural grandeur of a world which has no need of you. The silence is so heavy that you can hear your blood thundering through your veins. The stir of dry leaves in the darkness could be your friend finding his way back, but it sounds more like a primordial monster stalking its prey. And the lights between the trees? And the haunting songs which lure you ever deeper?

It’s time to admit that you aren’t afraid of being alone in the woods. You’re afraid of not being alone.

Journey through the minds of 22 horror authors who have teamed up to reveal the most terrifying aspects of the forest. Over 400 pages of original supernatural and psychological horror stories include: ghosts, demons, serial-killers, true stories and unsolved mysteries, unique monsters, classic myths and legends, and above all else, a profound respect for the terror hidden within the mysterious trees.

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Love, Death, and Other Inconveniences

Ever start a relationship with a guy and think he’s a little too perfect? That’s probably because he’s a shape-changing serial killer. Or how about when you got stood up on that tinder date and go home disappointed, only to realize it was all a trick so he’d know where you live? Then there’s those letters your dead wife keeps writing you… There can be no light without darkness, pleasure without pain, or love without loss. 17 authors have teamed up to collect all our favorite supernatural and psychological horror stories about love.

Jealous murders, monstrous doppelgangers, heart-rending romances, devils and angels, cannibals and virtual worlds — over 350 pages of your most desperate longings and worst nightmares all rolled into one. Shocking twists and absolute mind-fuckery will thrill and terrify you to the last page!

Great way to discover more authors in the horror genre.

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