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CREEPYPASTA: The nest builder
CREEPYPASTA: The day I returned to normal
EDO CREEPYPASTA: Kinya and Ginya
EDO CREEPYPASTA: The old man who stole the rice ball
LORE: Jizo statues
LORE: Kimodameshi
YOKAI: Hata Onryo
URBAN LEGEND: Phone Number 117
GHOST SPOT: Ookunoshima
BAFFLING CRIME: The Haga Futon Bag Murder
BAFFLING CRIME: Inokashira Park Dismemberment
SAMPLE: How to open the demon’s gate
SAMPLE: The famous white ghost at school
SAMPLE: Our entire class fought an evil spirit
SAMPLE: Hikiko-san
SAMPLE: The Dark Mansion
SAMPLE: Tale of Yashima