Online Works

Here is where you can find my various works around the internet, all for free!


YouTube Narrations

In this playlist you’ll find videos of my short stories that other channels have decided to narrate.


Online Magazines

Canyon Voices

Canyon Voices is an online literary magazine that features the works of emerging writers and artists. Founded in spring 2010, Canyon Voices is supported by students and faculty of the School of Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies at ASU’s New College. The Fall 2017 issue features two of my stories, The Dark Mansion and The Ultimate Race.



Trembling With Fear

Trembling With Fear is a new ongoing outlet for creatives that we’re trying out on Horror Tree. We’re going to be opening for submissions on drabbles and short stories to be printed on the site which will potentially be made available in a collection at the end of the year. You can find one of the drabbles I wrote for this online magazine in the November 19, 2017 feature.

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